Hello from WordPress

I’ve just moved my blog here from its previous home on Blogger, so if you want to poke around and look at older posts, feel free to visit my former self there.

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12 Responses to Hello from WordPress

  1. Paul says:

    I hope you enjoy using the new system!

  2. Welcome to WordPress!

  3. Harriet says:

    Like the pic!

    I was following the previous version on LJ via an RSS feed. If I can remember how, is it OK to set up another feed, or has someone done it already?

    • Paul says:

      Harriet, I put in a request last night for the existing syndicated account’s source to be changed to the new blog’s feed. I haven’t had a response yet, but, once it’s done, it should mean that we’ll automatically get the new blog’s articles, without having to make any changes.

  4. Garboil says:

    You are epically difficult to back-trace from AO3. I realize you may well have good reasons for this, but if it’s not deliberate you might consider leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for people to follow, because I daresay there are other people who will read your fic, think “This person is very clever; I would like to read whatever else she’s written” and then have a really hard time finding your blog.

    The effort was totally worth it, BTW. Although I feel like a creepy stalker now. (I swear I’m not; if you’re trying to keep your pseuds isolated please don’t be freaked out. I just wanted to read your meta.)

    *Off to go try to decipher your Blake’s 7 pseud so I can read your Blake/Avon stuff..*

    • nowandrome says:

      Hello, and well done on your epic quest! I am immensely flattered that you bothered to find me, and delighted that it was worthwhile hooray.

      The link between my real name and my Snarry pseud is a matter of public record, so I’m not putting anything online under either identity that I don’t mind having traced back to the other, but I’m also not making it easy to link the two (I talk a little bit about why here – it sort of boils down to, I’m not ashamed of the Snarry, but on the other hand I am a bit skeeved out by the idea of a professor who puts a link to her explicit fic on her blog for her students to click – boundaries, boundaries, boundaries… I guess I think of linking as a sort of speech act, like ‘Hi there students and MY MOTHER, read this!’).

      I do have a Dreamwidth account under the Snarry pseud (which I think is or should be linked from my AO3 profile? – oh, wait, no, it’s not – okay, now it is), which at some point VERY SOON I will cross-link to an LJ and start actually, yaknow, USING. (That one will link also to my very bad vids!) So hopefully most of the fannish meta will be there, and this blog will be more about the Derrida and the Vergil and the teaching, and the separation of identities will make some sort of sense.

      I think you will not find it hard to figure out my B7 pseud, if you look down the pull-down list of authors on the Hermit Library. ::is cryptic::

      Hello, by the way!

      • Garboil says:

        I am a bit skeeved out by the idea of a professor who puts a link to her explicit fic on her blog for her students to click – boundaries, boundaries, boundaries…

        Yeah, absolutely. DNW. But it might be nice to have a pointer going the other way, from there to here. A well hidden one in a tiny font, maybe? Your current non-linking system is kind of a barrier to entry, which I suppose ensures you get only the cleverest googlers in your blog commentariat *preens* but means people are potentially missing out on a lot of interesting and fannishly relevant criticism. Or maybe they’re not because they follow fannish academia and have heard of you in both contexts? I dunno; I can only speak from my own experience. Arguing on behalf of a possibly non-existent community of lurkers is always tricky. 😉

        (You also write the most convincing reviews of bad books I’ve ever read. I end up passionately hating whatever book you’re panning by the time I’m halfway through the post, and also laughing hysterically. I’m not sure where I’m going with this. I think my point is that you underestimate how much you have to offer people who aren’t interested in Derrida.)

      • nowandrome says:

        you underestimate how much you have to offer people who aren’t interested in Derrida

        I think I overestimate how much I write about Derrida! But actually, now you come to point it out, you’re quite right that there’s no reason not to link this blog from AO3,* seeing as how the speech act ‘If you liked my porn, you’ll love my theory!’ is pretty different from the speech act ‘Hi kids, READ THIS!’

        *Except as a TEST to make sure I only get the CLEVEREST commenters, of course.

  5. Garboil says:

    ‘If you liked my porn, you’ll love my theory!’

    Well, your porn is really theory with some porn in it to spice things up, from what I’ve read. (Everyone’s favorite kind of theory.) Most noticeably with the Hermione one, but even with the death eating one, the underlying theme of the fic is really a critique of the wizarding establishment and the porn is an element of that critique. That’s why I figured there was probably meta floating around somewhere, because there was obviously a lot of critical thought underlying your fics. So along with being a less icky speech act, I think it’s a reasonable sales pitch. XD

    • nowandrome says:

      Ha, the death-eater one is made of theory to a ridiculous degree – the thing everyone says about that one is the death eater ritual/theory doesn’t make any sense, and honestly the reason for that is it’s based on Heidegger’s notion of being-towards-death, which I didn’t understand at the point that I wrote the fic (and still don’t) so I had to fudge it. Well, I either had to fudge it or read Being and Time, so I fudged it.

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