Gatherings at Country Houses: This Time It’s Personal

Guess where we have just been?


It was probably for the best that while we were watching the Gatherings At Country Houses movies we had entirely forgotten that we were booked to GO to a country house for Jenny’s birthday.

It was the Bath Priory Hotel, where we last stayed for Jenny’s 60th. We got there at about 3pm and were given our usual room:

Jenny on a four-poster bed

complete with all mod cons:



a wireless!

a wireless!

The staff brought our bags up while we went for a civilized walk in the grounds, under a bleak November sky.

Bleak November sky at Bath Priory

We passed on the croquet this time, and paused only to admire the sinister fairy-ring of shaggy cap mushrooms,

fairy ring

the piquant juxtaposition of late white roses with the dry thorny stems of thistles,

piquant juxtaposition

the sudden and unexpected head of a woman,

statuary head of woman (Roman?)

and, er, a sundial.

statue of boy with sundial on head

Then we headed in to the library for tea,

Jenny in the library with a quizzical expression

changed for dinner, and had aperitifs (Bollinger with powdered pearls dissolved into it a la Antony and Cleopatra*) in the drawing room, under the eye of a stuffed owl.


I am happy to report that we managed to avoid gunshot wounds, Chinese Roulette-related-injuries, and any and all of each other’s current or former lovers for the 24 hours that we were there. (Not that it wouldn’t have been lovely to see you!)

[Bigger versions of all pictures available here, should you want them.]

* pearls: model’s own

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2 Responses to Gatherings at Country Houses: This Time It’s Personal

  1. inez b says:

    How happy-making to see this and isn’t it wonderful that we can. Thank you for letting us kind of almost be there too. You sure to know how to have a stylish celebration. 🙂

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