signal boost

Proper post later, but I just thought you might like* to know that the UN just voted to remove sexual orientation from a list of discriminatory grounds for execution. I can’t actually think about this too much, partly because I just went to the BBC site which shows a photograph of two gay teenagers about to be hanged in Iran in 2005, and…

*for some really odd value of ‘like’

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2 Responses to signal boost

  1. Sarah AB says:

    I don’t really have anything to add – except that it seemed a bit sad to make two comments on your Royal Wedding post but nothing on this one. There’s some further coverage on stroppy blog.

    On a related topic, although Iran is not, after all, going to be on the executive of UN Women, Saudi Arabia is.

  2. nowandrome says:

    Oh, thanks for that link. And for the info about Saudi Arabia, though it does make me want to go back under the duvet (or is that just the minus-four temperature?)

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