Hello! Sorry, things ate January. Now it’s February!* There are crocuses, and the trees are budding, and the air is less icy, and I have a to-do list like you wouldn’t believe, but look, here I am.

Just dropping in, though (see above re: to-do list), to tell you about this, a real-time online reading group for Roland Barthes’ penultimate lecture course, The Neutral. We’re going to be reading the lectures on the dates they were delivered back in 1978 (the year Blake’s 7 started! A good year), and discussing them at the link above.

I bought this when it came out in English, and it is the world’s most beautiful book, but I haven’t got round to reading it yet, so this is very exciting. Not to mention that I get to join a community of people who are all imagining that we are in Roland Barthes’ lecture course ❤ ❤ <3.

Anyway, you should all join in, if you like Barthes. First session is February 18th.

*where would you be without me?

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