You are less bored of hearing about how busy I am, or inferring it from lack of posts, than I am of being it, I bet.

I love this, a Wordle ‘word cloud’ showing the most commonly used words in advertising for ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ toys (boys: BATTLE, POWER; girls: LOVE, FUN, MAGIC, but the charm and interest here is really in the detail: the absolute lack of overlap. Boys do not have hair, mommies, friendship, or parties; girls do not have heroes, action, stealth, or… ultimate? I DON’T EVEN KNOW.)

I was going to tell you something else, but I forgot. I’m reading about Nazis atm, for my conference paper next month on the use of Nazi/Holocaust imagery in the Harry Potter books, so expect a post about NAZIS at some point. Or rather, ‘Nazicity’, a Barthesism I’m probably going to use to distinguish ‘actually talking about the historical manifestations of National Socialism in a meaningful way’ from what Una recently called OMGNAZIS. (I found an academic word for it, Una!)

Oh, yeah, I remember. Just briefly, because it’s come up a couple of times now in responses to my giant big post about not wanting to have a polite conversation about my right to have sex with girls: just to reiterate that I don’t think, and didn’t say, that the Rev. Dr Dale Kuehne’s book should not have been published or that he should not be able to state his views in any public forum. If only people who get expenses-paid invitations to speak at overseas universities have ‘the right to freedom of speech’, then 99.99% of the population of the world is being denied that right, surely?

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