I took some time off over the Easter vacation, and one of the things I decided was that I need to take a break from writing. It’s like I’ve only just had time to notice how burned out I am from finishing Now and Rome and then going straight into a very heavy teaching year (I’d been expecting a year’s research leave this year and pacing myself accordingly), plus quite a lot of life stuff that I don’t talk about in this space.

Another reason why I’ve realized that I need to do this that is that in the last six weeks, two of the greatest writers of this century, writers whose work has been immensely important to me as a human being, have died – Diana Wynne Jones and Joanna Russ. And I can’t pull together enough word-wrangling ability to say anything about them at all, beyond: go and read Jones’s Charmed Life (and, if you’ve read the Harry Potter books, Witch Week – I keep thinking about it and chuckling about how the only possible HP/Chrestomanci crossover is the one where he shows up at Hogwarts and closes it down for being a hideously dangerous and abusive environment), and Russ’s The Female Man and The Two Of Us.

Anyway. I have a couple of book reviews that I’m committed to do, but otherwise, no writing for me, including blog posts. See you all in July. Have fun without me.

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