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link round-up on riots

Happily, the Guardian at least seems to be stepping back a bit from the blanket depoliticization of the recent English (and I believe Welsh) riots: here’s an essay by the magnificent Gary Younge, here’s one by Naomi Klein, here’s a … Continue reading

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Reception Studies Society Journal: new issue

Woohoo! New issue of the journal Reception: Texts, Readers, Authors, History is up here. Free access from any computer. First click scores me this fascinating-looking, and very Friends-of-the-Texty (which, sorry, is still experiencing technical difficulties, back soon) essay by Kenneth … Continue reading

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book chapters

I am tidying my study! Which is actually the cupboard under the stairs, pleasingly. Anyway, apparently the chapter plan for MY NEXT BOOK currently only exists in this form, scribbled on a piece of paper where I was planning my … Continue reading

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postscript: friend/enemy distinction, plus upcoming!

Rereading that last post, I’m struck by how much I seem to have interiorized Carl Schmitt’s definition of the political in terms of the friend/enemy distinction. Schmitt writes, in his book The Concept of the Political (p.26): The political must… … Continue reading

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Rioting and urban space

So you are probably aware, depending on where you are/how much you’re interested in the UK, that last Thursday a twenty-nine-year-old man, Mark Duggan, was shot dead by police in Tottenham, North London. On Saturday, a demonstration outside Tottenham police … Continue reading

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