call for papers

Really, I am going to post about my book one day. I have drafts both in my head and on my dashboard.

But this is just to post a link to the Call for Papers for Sarah Annes Brown’s and Berit Åström’s June conference on allusions and echoes: everything that is interesting, from Chaucer to fanfiction. So pleased that fanfic is finally starting to talk to Classics and to other literary scholars/comparative literature people who are interested in rewriting and allusion and intertextuality and all those good things. I can’t go, because I’ll still be in Melbourne, but I hope some friends of the text will make it.

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4 Responses to call for papers

  1. Sarah AB says:

    Thanks for posting this Ika!

  2. Sarah AB says:

    Ika – hello again – I have been working on a piece about modern responses to Ovid, and I find myself wanting to talk about the erotics of translation – I have identified this as something to read

    but wondered if you could point me in any other directions?

  3. Sarah AB says:

    Belated thanks – I’ve been away – I’ll email you, but briefly the poets Josephine Balmer, Deryn Rees Jones, Robin Robertson, Averill Curdy and Maureen Almond.

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