New year, new job, new country, new URL, new MO

I haven’t been blogging lately for a number of reasons, but one particular one is that I’ve been between two worlds, and I’ve always found it hard to write when I haven’t got a clear sense of who I am or who I’m writing for. At the moment, I’m between two jobs, two kinds of post, and two countries, which is making it particularly tricky.

In April this year, while on research leave in Melbourne, I interviewed for, was offered, and accepted a post in the department of English Literatures at the University of Wollongong in New South Wales. Because of the mismatch between the UK academic year (which runs from October to June) and the Australian academic year (March to, um, November?), I then returned to Bristol for a semester. I’ll finish at Bristol on 25 January, fly out on 29 January, and start at UoW on 1 February 2013.

I’m very excited about the new job. Wollongong looks like a brilliant university, with a fantastic reputation for teaching. I’m going to have some really interesting colleagues, and the possibility of research and teaching collaborations with Cultural Studies and Creative Writing.

I also want to use the move as a springboard for starting to use this blog a bit differently. You’ll see I’ve changed my ‘About’ page and put up a list of publications: I’m hoping to post a little less randomly, and to use this blog more consistently to think and write about topics connected with reception. (This is not too hard, as basically all topics are connected to reception.) Hence the new URL, and the new look, for a new year, a new job, and a new country.

Happy 2013 to everyone. I hope it’s a good one.

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4 Responses to New year, new job, new country, new URL, new MO

  1. inez baranay says:

    Happy new year Ika, it’s going to be a good one and UoW lucky to have you. It’s good news that you will blog more often, feed my head! xx

  2. tonykeen46 says:

    I think you new job sounds brilliant as well.

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