Overheard on the bus

There is a free bus that goes round Wollongong in both directions, linking my house to the university (as well as numerous other locations of less global importance). It is brilliant, both because I can get to work super easily for free and without having to park anywhere (or, indeed, learn to drive), and because of the conversations you get to hear on it, especially on the anti-clockwise route from my house to the uni, which is mostly students and/or lecturers: when one of my colleagues is travelling at the same time as me, we complain vociferously about students, and when I am travelling along and not immediately identifiable as a lecturer, I listen to the students complain vociferously about lecturers. (The ones that are talking about uni, that is. Mostly they are talking about other stuff, as well they might.)

Anyway. Overheard on the free bus today:


I have nearly finished watching the HBO show, Rome. It’s like Game of Thrones, only, you know, in Rome.


Which intersects very nicely with some thoughts I have been having about importing reading practices from one type of text/ interpretative community to another, but I am going to wait till I finish reading Henry Jenkins’s Reading in a Participatory Culture to write them up at more length.

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