Upcoming events

On Tuesday I’m flying out of the southern summer into the northern winter, and wondering whether I remember how to be cold,* and preparing for three research events where I’ll be speaking:

Classics research seminar, Bristol, 27/01/2015

I’m giving a paper called ‘Amateur Mythographies’, on the ways in which creators, consumers, and critics of popular culture deploy the idea of myth. I’m looking at three things in particular: myth as narratology; myth as folk knowledge; and myth as a basis for ritual (religious and magickal practice). I’m interested in the challenges that popular and scholarly understandings of ‘myth’ might be able to pose to one another.

The Bristol Classics seminar is open to visitors, especially people thinking of doing postgraduate study at Bristol, and is always great. More information here.

Classics and the New Faces of Feminism, London, 31/01/2015

This is a sandpit – less formal, more provisional and collaborative than a conference – bringing together lots of amazing scholars to talk about how Ancient Greek and Roman texts and feminism can energize each other in the present day. I’m talking about the words ‘no’ and ‘now’ and their ambivalent power both for and over Classicists and feminists. The sandpit website is here (but I think it is now fully booked).

Feminism and the Academy: Resisting Traditions in Academic Research, Egham, Surrey, 4/02/2015

More feminism, more refusal. My contribution to this interdisciplinary conversation about modes of resistance to, or within, the traditions of the academy is proudly indebted to the work of Sara Ahmed, who wrote ‘It takes conscious willed and willful effort not to reproduce an inheritance’, and is entitled ‘No’. This is a public event, but they ask you to register: here is the event website.

*Canadians and Scandinavians may laugh now.

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